A Summer in New York City, 2016


On June 6th I officially embarked on my summer study abroad. First stop: New York City. There's something endlessly invigorating about the city that never sleeps. It always makes me think of this quote from Invisible Man:

‘New York!’ he said. ‘That’s not a place, it’s a dream.’

For me, New York is the dream, one that I eventually plan to call my home. There's an impalpable energy to the city, this buzz that I feel the moment I step out of the train, the plane, the taxi. There's no way to really describe it, that comforting sense of chaos and oneness I feel while there, as though I'm communing with some sort of ceaseless rhythm, this feeling of being surrounded by millions of people and yet being resolutely on my own. 

Being an overzealous planner, I intended on capitalizing on every moment I had while there. Arriving midday on Monday, I met up with an old friend, Hannah, and celebrated my birthday with a delicious Italian meal in the West Village at Olio e Piu, followed by a walk through Washington Square Park, a two scoop ice cream at Van Leeuwens, and a final late night stroll through Central Park.

Day two, I found myself up early for a seven mile jog through Central Park. I've never been much of a runner until the beginning of this year. In fact, I would dare say I even detested running (somewhat the result of my ineffectual quest for that ever-illusive runner's high). It wasn't until one fateful run through Central Park that I discovered the joy and vigor of a good run. Since said fateful trek, I take every opportunity to explore Central Park by foot and jog.

After a loop and a shower, I made my way down to the West Village for a delicious french breakfast at Buvette. Sipping on lemonade, munching on the fluffiest morning scramble and a pair of madeleines (for which I have an odd obsession), I took the morning and the city in. Breakfast soon segued into exploring, shopping, and the inevitable Zara run. After touring Soho and grabbing a refreshing snack at the Chobani restaurant, I met up with Hannah, and we made our way down to the Brooklyn Bridge for an evening walk before we headed back to the West Village for a delicious french dinner at the Little Prince, one of my favorite neighborhood haunts.

Day three started much the same with yet another seven mile run through the park. This time, I met Hannah at the Butcher's Daughter for a fresh and filling Australian-inspired brunch. From there we made our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the long awaited Manus x Machina exhibit (more on this later) and to go on a mandatory Levain cookie run. I ended the day at Eataly by the Flatiron building to reconnect with Harvard friends and blockmates, Veronica and Leila. We spent a lovely few hours catching up on each other's lives and summer plans.

I kept my fourth and final day in the city simple with a morning jog, brunch, and a little errand-running. All in all, NYC gave me the perfect transition space to work myself out of the languid Michigan days and into the faster pace of travel and adventure. As always, I could have spent far longer in the city, but as I sit here in my beautiful London flat, it's easy to see that all good things must come to an end so that even better things can come along.

Xx, Katherine